Empty London

It's obvious what kick-started this project. Anyone who's experienced London - or any major city - at its busiest will understand. From being stuck in traffic to squeezed into a tube carriage or just trying to navigate an overcrowded pavement.

Who hasn't indulged their misanthropic tendencies? A city no people, all to oneself. Joy.

These photos were taken as a series of images, when I was naive to the principles or grammar of photography projects. I relegated them to a box for years because I thought all they depicted was naive inexperience.

But in the years since, capturing London without people seems to have become a photographic rite of passage and I'm proud when I see others attempting to do the same, citing my project as inspiration.

So here are the original photographs. They were all taken over a few days in the winter of 2012, eight years before the coronavirus pandemic would empty the capital's streets once again. None of the pictures have been edited or manipulated.

This series won two awards in the 2014 Webby's, as an honouree in the categories 'Best Use of Photography' and 'Website Features'.

Photos coming soon