Scenes from a Mary Celeste (docked in W1A)

At times during coronavirus pandemic I was engaged by the BBC on various projects, many of them deemed ‘broadcast critical’. It required being based at New Broadcasting House in Central London while the rest of the country was ordered to work from home.

In 2013 when it opened, the Guardian reported the building’s interior designers wanted the Corporation's enormous open plan offices to reflect society and be “a celebration of people working closely together”. Not so great in an unprecedented health crisis.

As the pandemic wore on I started to see how the building began to echo and reflect the country (and the world) to which it was broadcasting. Deserted desks and corridors like empty high streets, confusing and strange rules that seemed bound to no time and large parts of the building - like so many millions of lives - literally turned upside down.

The project is so-called because of the number of times I heard people comment that life in a building many call 'the Mothership' was "like working on the bloody 'Mary Celeste'".

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All photographs taken July 2020 to March 2021 at BBC New Broadcasting House. 120 film. Thanks Jane, Genie, Will, Isabella and Marianna as well as Terry at Bayeux.

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