Three roads in NW6

A worldwide viral pandemic can really hurt your livelihood if it's taking photographs of other people.

No surprise that my photography bookings diary collapsed like a souffle in a cupboard on March 21, 2020 when the UK government imposed a nationwide lockdown to try and stop the spread of Covid-19.

Determined to carry on shooting I wondered who? And how? So I reached out to the people closest to me in the lockdown. Literally. The neighbours.

Like most inner London residents, I know many people but definitely not the neighbours. So why not knock on for a photo? These are unprecedented times and at least I was sure they'd be home.

Countless other photographers will rightly document this once-in-a-generation crisis with pictures of anxious people in strange queues, wearing masks and looking scared. Empty streets and mass graves.

Instead, I decided to capture the ordinary people around me in extraordinary times; those living on my road and the ones adjacent to it that run between Kilburn and West Hampstead in London, NW6.

Maintaining exact social distancing with Alice in Maygrove Peace Park next to her home, Wednesday afternoon.

Amrita and her husband Jérôme with their daughter Anya and sister Sohila on the corner of Iverson and Ariel Roads, Sunday afternoon.

Lucy is a key worker at Kings College Hospital and has been working throughout the pandemic, with her husband Aaron and their kids Cleo and Toby.

Liakot drives for Uber but had to hang up his keys once the pandemic hit. This photo was taken before his first day back on call, nervous but ready. Sunday afternoon.

Carlotta and George. Carlotta's recently finished receiving treatment for cancer and is classed extremely vulnerable to the virus. This is one of the few occasions she's stepped outside in months. She says she wore her best wig for the photo. Saturday morning.

Charlotte and Nick have spent quarantine with their three-year-old son Harrison and newborn boy Elliot who, at three months, has only ever known a life in lockdown. They're wearing their tie-dye lockdown T-shirts which was an activity to keep Harrison entertained. Sunday afternoon.

Agnes is from the Life in Kilburn forum and has been helping to 'buddy' vulnerable people with other residents who can help with shopping and other odd jobs. Photographed while leafletting in the rain on Iverson Road, Monday afternoon.

Coral and her boyfriend Iggi who have been isolated at home since March, on their doorstep. Wednesday afternoon.

Stuart, Chloe with their daughter Poppy on their doorstep, Sunday morning at 9am. They say keeping Poppy entertained throughout has been particularly difficult.

Jean with her adopted dog Mitzi. Sunday evening. Jean has been indoors since March with no contact apart from her son and grandchildren who have dropped off food. She's sure she hasn't had the virus.

A front door on Iverson Road. Sunday afternoon.

Megan has been part of the NW6 community response group, to help people who are isolated during the pandemic. With her partner Paul behind their flat in Maygrove Peace Park. Saturday afternoon.

Lora, Matt and their dog Vulric who's famous on Instagram with tens of thousands of followers. They've only been out for the occasional walk on Hampstead Heath during the lockdown with the dog.

Alice with her neighbour's roses on Loveridge Road, Thursday afternoon. She doesn't think she had the virus.

Torrin on the right and Sabrina enjoying a glass of Bordeaux on the only outdoor spot  that will do - on top of the bins. Saturday afternoon.

Neil outside his house on Maygrove Road, Monday evening. He was sure he hadn't had coronavirus.

The 'M family'; Mario and Melissa with son Magnus and their dog Matisse. Sunday afternoon with a bottle of wine.

Craig and Alix enjoying a beer, Saturday afternoon. They both think they had the virus earlier in February. Alix is a teacher so thinks it came via the school but can't be sure.

Renato is a satellite technician who's been working at home for the last 20 years so feels like the lockdown has been a strangely familiar. Sunday afternoon on Iverson Road.

Natalie and Tom in lockdown on their balcony with a glass of wine. Saturday afternoon on Maygrove Road.

Community spaces on Maygrove Road cordoned off by the council.